Monday, 7 September 2015

Go grab a coffee here's the design installment for you. Again sorry it's a bit late, I can't help things at the moment. But never mind go and get that coffee.
Burning man has come and gone for another year. I keep promising myself that I will go.

 The Queen Mary, thought you might like to see what the interior looks like

 And the interiors of the Emirates top of the line travel class.

 I love these church conversions

 Amazing commentary on modern life.

 The Depot in Auckland, my all time favorite place.

I love how we were , so innocent really

 This is what happens when you don't use engineers, when you build on a swamp and when you accept the cheapest price.

 How I feel sometimes
 What a wonderful painting, a tui launching for flight
 My home

 Clever ideas abound

And here's my own wardrobe from my Manzone days.

 Lets go.

 You all know that I like container homes, so here's some more.

 Love the simplicity of this house, such a challenge to get it right.

 This was cool

 Now this house is si so simple

 Thsi vacumm cleaner has been turned into an artist. I laughed when I saw it, its brilliant.

 Nature can design pretty cool things too.

Who remembers this

 An old garage turned into a cafe.
 Before and after a stunning transformation of a building in it's last stages of being derelict is transformed into a modern new vibrant housing project. Just a little imagination can go a long way if there is a desire and a willingness to do.

 A hide away kitchen

 A beautiful container home.

And to finish this interior design blog for the week a great place to hide your wine. I hope that you got some inspiration from this weeks installment. All it takes is one image and one idea and all of a sudden your away. Please feel free to go back through the older installments for added inspiration, if you look you shall find, if you seek you shall discover.