Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Welcome once again to the Planet Weekly design page. These past few weeks the office has been deeply involved in discussions with a number of our clients over the merits of open plan environments, support facilities, Co'lab spaces, modern office concepts, you name it, we have discussed it. Last week I mentioned that in order for these principals to be used properly primarily you must have more than just dollar savings in mind. It's like a very large jigsaw if you don't have all the pieces at the end you will have something that is incomplete and will not work the way you envisioned it. That's not to say that the cost is not important, it is, but it must be tempered with doing the job right in the first instance or not doing the job at all. If shortcuts are taken you will never know what you could have achieved if you hadn't done it properly in the first place. So with that in mind, this weeks page is mostly about modern office design and the concepts to support that. There's also some beautiful design and beautiful places to travel to as well, just to keep you going.

This space looks a bit busy, but then I don't know who the client is and what they do, if it works it works,

Support areas are just as important

How cool is this house
Hmmmm well sometimes you just kind of see something and you go "yes well, no"

 These rotating walls make for an interesting option to make a space truly multi functional

 Now these pods on wheels is an interesting idea. Informal meeting areas that move as the office dynamic changes, a group grows for a project and needs two quiet spaces, no problems, just move one in.

 Now in today's office most employers would frown upon having a space where people could go and rest, sleep, and seemingly be doing nothing, but some employers see this as a place for re-charging and re-energizing. It takes a complete shift of values to accept a new way of working and we are just on that edge now.

Very nice window treatments, a little fun can add a whole new dimension to an office space 

Quiet phone booth areas, missing from our offices here, but in every office overseas a vital part of the office design.

 A very tidy and well thought out design

 I really like this table, although the image is a bit staged ( who lies on the floor like that)

 This is how we used to think about modern offices, and while it still has it's place, the office is now a very very different thing

This was a neat idea I thought

Lovely office space

 I do like the way that little informal areas are built into the office, it takes nothing away from the meeting room behind but adds so much to the space in front, so in my eyes a win win situation and it look bloody terrific too!

 here's another office that could be made mobile, move plug in and use.

 Still no substitute for the wide open green though, ha ha, I love this image

 Here's those little booths again and note the glass whiteboards that seem to beworking quite well in our office design today.
 meet me at G5 in ten minutes

 This was quite interesting, like the concept of having open offices such as this, a place to do concentrated thinking but still a part of the office, and it looks great too.

Hmmm, well not too sure about this one, what do you think?

 Lockers are fast becoming a vital ingredient in the office, as people become more mobile in the work space there is no "that's my desk' anymore, So space is needed to put 'your stuff' somewhere and also to lock things up at night.

 Use every bit of your office, walls, doors, it's all there to help promote better business

 having some fun with the signage is cool too.

 Summer in Tuscany

 yes well some designers are pushing the boat out, not too sure myself, but if it works, then it's all good.

 Just to think, there was a time when this was the norm, and in some places it still is.

4 double beds, storage galore, hows this for a fantastic design?

Nice color scheme here

I do like this house, always been a real fan of concrete.

Well that's all for this week perhaps you saw something in here that made you think "Hmm I could use that". I certainly hope so because that's what this is for. personally i saw a place that I would like to be in, the ones of Venice, someone please take me away. have a great week and a better weekend, see you all at some stage over the next few weeks before Christmas.