Monday, 26 August 2013

It's funny every week when I put the images together I sit back and just look at them, and sometimes I notice that some weeks end up having a theme running to them, which is entirely unintentional, but it has happened this week. A lot of the images whilst being architectural are all quite artistic images and could stand alone purely as art, so I've had to go through a sprinkle other images of places and things that you might be interested in just to break them up a bit. And for some reason they all seem a little more colorful as well. I've gone a bit crazy this week because the more I look the more I see and I want to try and bring them all to you. 

Quick go get one

This is from a Disney cruise boat, I think its I need to show you. Every once in a while you come across design that just makes you shudder, I'm sure it was done to a brief, but really?

Old meets new and it is reborn.....brilliant

This kind of looks like when you defrag your PC. A very clever and cheap idea.

Castrol offices very different I thought, I like them

The more I see these pods the more I like the idea of them. centralizing all your services into one small but functional area, and keeping the office space for the staff.

The idea of the pod can even be used in the home too.

Ahhh................Natuzzi again I really like these

This building was in last weeks blog, but I preferred this view

These images are from a festival in America called Burning Man. Absolutely amazing

A clever house based on the 'old catch a sparrow in the box' trap

This is scary.....

Norway in case you needed to know

A book fair in Europe

Instantly recognizable 

I would like to have a bed like this somewhere in my house just to disappear away to.

This little bathroom is a great example of how to make things fit in a small space, the image above is a bit hard to understand, but when you see it below it all makes sense.

To me? High Art

I posted a view of this caravan a few weeks back, here are some more, so cool.

Lamborghini 50th anniversary  

I just liked this shot

Salt Flats, where machines test men.

Ferraris new museum, love how they have kept the old but made it look like it belongs sitting against the new.

I mentioned this idea a few weeks ago, and so in my own place I did this and I was pretty pleased with the results. It's kind of like a dream board, places you've visited or want to visit, things you've done or want to do, it's great i find myself looking at it all the time.

Such a sharp interior, and those of you who know me, know I love finished jobs like this,,,,,SHARP

Only Italian

The skinniest house in the world, two bedrooms a lounge a kitchen, and surprisingly rather cool 

Not too sure but this looks like one of those medical rooms where they did/do autopsies on people and the student watch.

Someone told me no cats on the blog, but this one crept in, I included this shot more for the entire image really.

You need to enlarge this image to see it.

Really liked this house so have put a few images in, don't know why I just do