Monday, 25 March 2013

Hello, here's this weeks images for you to enjoy. Bit of a mixed bag this week, but I am sure that you will enjoy them all the same. Some pretty amazing shots from above the weather in Dubai, it amazes me just how high we can build things these days ( and still make them quite beautiful too) The images have quiote a haunting quality. Also there are a couple of images taken on my Iphone, so that you can see what can be done. See if you can guess the images. So enjoy

This building was featured on Grand Designs a week or so ago, it is pretty amazing what can be acheived and it was very interesting to actually see the build that went into getting this place to this point.

Very cool, take an aluminium tube, fill it full of expanding foam and bend it in 1/2 and you get this. very very clever.

Great shot, well caught

There is beauty in automotive design,

Both old and new

Sometime I feel like getting off of my motorcycle too figuratively speaking.

Beautiful light

This made me laugh

I found this image quite disturbing, but then quite beautiful too. Theres a lot of strength in this image.

I have spoken at length about the use or the lack of colour in a space, sometimes it doesn't take much to make a space work  as shown here.

Great composition and lovely colour

I do like this, you'd think that it wouldn't fit in because of its shape and format but when you see the building sitting in its place, it just fits so well, beautiful house.

Great art right on your wall, fantastic image