Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Good Morning to you all. Well another week has passed and  the days are starting to get longer and warmer, which is a blessing that's for sure. As you are aware I have been pretty busy with some intense stuff away from work, and I do find it a little difficult to get this out to you regularly, so thank you for your patience. The images this week are starting to change a bit from the norm, as I wander through the web I find myself in some strange places and I hope that the images that I bring you are of interest in some way. Check out the black and white images of the chinese people. Whats amazing about these images is that they are drawn with pencil, not photographs. You could be fooled into thinking that they photos, but no. I've said this before I am constantly amazed at the endless stream of talent that some people have and this little selection is awe inspiring to say the least. There's also a lot of travel images this week, as I sit here in my tower I find my thoughts tend to drift of to overseas places and spaces, so there is always room for this in the blog. Anyway thank you for your messages of support I do appreciate that, and here's this weeks blog for you all to enjoy.

This is a really nice house built from Containers, how smart is this.

 Here are those images that i mentioned in the introduction.

 I mean how real is this?

Another container home

 Now if we could do this to Willis street and Lambton Quay, ban buses from this area and open the spaces right out again.

 Lots of interesting ideas for offices starting to happen, not too sure if some of them would fly here, but it's interesting to see some of the ideas actually being used. Perhaps in 10 years time, we will all be designing people back into offices because open plan is blamed for causing stress and productivity in the office has dropped away so much. We shall see I suppose.

 Or maybe we will all go on a cruise down the Amazon.

 Containers again.

 Not being a person of any religious persuasion, I saw this little chapel and it just leaps off of the screen, simplistic and beautiful.

 I saw this image and thought straight away that's New Zealand, you can just tell from the natural colors, the sharpness and the tones that this is here. Love it.

 Before and after, all it takes is a little imagination

 More befores and afters
 Robot room service is actually a reality

 I love this work, I have 'The Kiss' on my wall.