Sunday, 25 May 2014

This week I've done a bit of a tack to the left and I've put up images that I think are absolutely fantastic, whilst it includes design, this blog is about inspiring you, and I find nothing more inspiring than travel and seeing other places, so the weather here is not the best and there's a lot of places to dream about, I hope you all enjoy. The world certainly is a colorful place.

 Pisa, we've all been there but pretty amazing all the same, I'll bet that of all the people looking at this image that have been there, none of you went into the church behind, it is truly amazing

London, on flight plan to Heathrow

Now the images start to get a little more enticing

Capri, check out that road,,,,,,

Santorini where else eh?


Golden Florence

Light show Florence

Cancun Mexico

This is Peru


Eucalyptus road Tuscany 

please someone take me take me


Now this is most definitely a bit of me

The contrast of Italy, Europe, and this from Miami Hmmmm

Charles and Ray Eames did some great furniture design

A very simple design is often the best

Layers is what it's all about

Bali of course

I visited Japan a number of years ago ( in fact in a past life almost it was that long ago), and the floor was done like this, but those trees where a couple of hundred years old then, it was the most natural flooring that I have ever walked on, it wasamazing

I can smell the coffee and the cigarettes from here, and taste that ham wrapped around those fresh figs

The great wall in China, beautifully photographed

What a shot

Great floor

Groan, this place is simply stunning, imagine coming home to this every night

Beautiful floor

It's amazing what day and night does to a place. I often find that people tend to disregard lighting design, those that don't always have great evening places

This place had all the qualities of frank Lloyd Wright going on here, what a place

And to finish off a nice clean interior from the house above that I really liked the look of. So that's all for this week, I hope you enjoyed the little trip to some stunning places. I certainly enjoyed it. Have a great week, it's my birthday later in the week so I'm off to Auckland to visit some friends, some furniture stores, some nice new restaurants that I have been reading about, check the museums and the zoo, take in some live music, and a massage ( which I've only ever had 1 of in my entire life, but am about to have my second ) . May even take some images of places for you all to check out.