Monday, 12 May 2014

Well well middle of May, the year is moving along that's for sure. Here's this weeks installment for you all. I say that every week don't I, so you kind of know what to expect. Funny thing over the weekend, I noted that when I started this blog there were lots of fairly abstract images that appeared, stairwells, and building facades, and images taken from unusual angles, and I had kind of forgotten about them as the ideas changed and progressed. So this week I've decided to bring some of those abstract images back, because they are bloody beautiful and they do make you stop and look at something that normally wouldn't be looked at in the same light. So enjoy.

Hmmm not too sure certainly is bright  enough

I did like this feature of the running water over glass

Le Corbusier

Doesn't great design always last through the ages. Above is a house by Le Corbusier  and the same house 60-70 years later and still looking as contemporary as ever, it's like it was designed and built yesterday. I see some minor changes in the front entrance but otherwise it still stands in Paris the same as it did when the Germans came through. It looks like they put paid the house next door though

Winery design is great, they get fantastic briefs because the building is an extension of the brand

This building looks like it was shaped on a carafe design

Spanish Wineries certainly are among the most advanced, but also very beautiful

I do like a big bit of laminated timber in this winery

Wine shops in Spain Jerez region are looking pretty cool these days, when I was there, it was on the side of the road

Winery design certainly has come a long long way, both above and below are two new wineries in Spain, obviously one client got a little excited and the other has massive production, so had to be a bit more utilitarian in the use of space and the design of the building

Wine and design go hand in hand apparently, what a fantastic winery this is

can you feel the heat and taste the salt

I want to live here too!!!!!

 As a young guy I used to work on a golf course, and this was my favorite time of the day, this is the first picture I have ever found that captures those early mornings perfectly. You could walk an entire fairway and look back and see every foot print, every bird was just waking up, and you could see where the night time visitors to the course had been. It was and still is the best work I ever had.

This image and the next 4 are of a beautiful house built in a very small space, but somehow the designers have made it look very very big by giving the building height, and I have to say I'm pretty impressed.

This was an interesting image that crossed my desk the other day, it is an image of the Grand Canyon, the black cone in the middle is a representative figure of what it would look like if you put the 7.9 billion people on the face of this earth into one space. kind of puts us into a different perspective don't you think?

Christchurch today.....slowly but surely

Stunning image 

And that's a wrap. weren't there some stunning images in that lot? I love this world I really do, and I am only too happy to bring a small part of it to you.
I can't do anymore because overnight I've put my shoulder out and typing, cutting and pasting is causing me too much grief, sorry. 

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