Monday, 25 August 2014

I must say I had an awful lot of fun putting this one together. This one's not so much entirely about design and interiors, it's a collection of those, plus other design such as automotive, tailoring, holiday places and some inclusions just for the graphic nature of a well taken photograph. There seems to be  a fair bit of residential design in here this week too!!!!! I'm not going to say much so enjoy. Can't tell you enough that i really appreciate all your feedback, it never ceases to amaze me that people who I don't even know send me emails asking where does this come from, where can i get that, what color is that, can you buy this here. I guess this design blog is having it's primary objective met, in that it is simply to inspire people to see great design in even the smallest things and to help change your way of  thinking and by virtue of that change your lives. Enjoy.

What a ceiling..............................................................................

This desert house is amazing, looking like something more from a Star-wars set than reality

 Showers can be pretty cool places too.

Now I do love this kitchen, the hub of the house, and who wouldn't want this as their hub, and the mix of old office chairs and old wooden ones is very nice too!!!

Photo shopping images is getting very realistic these days
 But this is real

Another cool kitchen.

 I found an interesting web site last week, that allows you cheaper air fares than normal travelling on private jets. What you do is go online and find the sites where the jets that have traveled one way to a destination have to fly back empty, and if you can arrange it, you and your friends can fly quite cheaply.
Automotive design is among the best there is. Check out the work going on here

 I have an original Barcelona chair just like these going pretty cheap, if anyone is interested. $970.00?

Well wasn't that fantastic, I love seeing the images come up to their proper size once I publish the blog, and I am always amazed at the quality of the design, the level of sophistication, and the perfection that people have poured into their creations. Stunning stuff, so hope you enjoyed it, have a great week.