Monday, 30 July 2012

This is an amazing shot, its the gap between the American and European  earth plates.....just worth looking at I thought

I wish

Keep it simple really is the best way to go, dont get involved in dressing and 'frippery'

Just a hint of colour thats all you need

Very cool house, we could all live in places like this, who needs that pavalova and 3/4 acre?

Again the simple elements of design seem to create something more than what is there

Same house again, it's actually quite hard to design simplicity into something

Just a calming place to live I would have thought

Just a cool place to live

Simplicity again and art, you need art in your lives

have a look at the finishes here and count how many are used

Another nice shot

I could do that

Interesting colour

And tofinish this week a great digital shot, always amazed at how much colour saturation can be achieved.

That city again, what shots we get from here, the post man must get driven crazy in a place like this
Now is this a bit of you? I love places like this. pity I dont get to spend time in them

I could.......

no really I could

And just for a wee plug this is a Planet Design job we did a number of years ago, I always liked what our design team did here

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A similar idea used at the Embassey but pretty effective all the same

I'd love to hear the architect explain this to the client

Love the window seats

Infinity Pools

Just thought that this was great

Nice and peaceful

Living in the forest

Mother nature again, isn't she fantastic

Great interior

Ahhhh.......pools again

Thought the roller door from a garage was pretty neat

Wasnt too sure about this interior, but then thought someone might like it

A mans bathroom

great architecture here love the clean lines

Pretty cool place thats for sure

Lovely image, I love the colour they get in this part of the world

Look for the hunter in this lot

Coca Cola in London for the Olympics

Clean, simple, easy, stunning

My fav chairs, I just got 1 for $380 a bargain

Loved the image

great lighting

Thursday, 19 July 2012

I have to say there are some very clever clever people out there with fantastic imaginations

Wasn't too sure about this but the more I looked at it the more I liked it

Plain simple stylish and stunning


Indoor outdoor flow again haha but beautiful

Auckland House

Mother nature playing again

WOW, what more needs to be said

Auckland homa again

Change the exterior and look what you get, not another boring building

Playing with lights

I want to be there, like now

Cool suburban housing wich we had these all over Wellington

Greece, where else

Cool beach houses

Just likes this image for no particular reason

Theres that Auckland house again, see we can do this here.