Monday, 30 July 2012

This is an amazing shot, its the gap between the American and European  earth plates.....just worth looking at I thought

I wish

Keep it simple really is the best way to go, dont get involved in dressing and 'frippery'

Just a hint of colour thats all you need

Very cool house, we could all live in places like this, who needs that pavalova and 3/4 acre?

Again the simple elements of design seem to create something more than what is there

Same house again, it's actually quite hard to design simplicity into something

Just a calming place to live I would have thought

Just a cool place to live

Simplicity again and art, you need art in your lives

have a look at the finishes here and count how many are used

Another nice shot

I could do that

Interesting colour

And tofinish this week a great digital shot, always amazed at how much colour saturation can be achieved.

That city again, what shots we get from here, the post man must get driven crazy in a place like this
Now is this a bit of you? I love places like this. pity I dont get to spend time in them

I could.......

no really I could

And just for a wee plug this is a Planet Design job we did a number of years ago, I always liked what our design team did here

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