Monday, 31 March 2014

Hi there everyone, well another week and here we are starting Autumn, hard to believe really. Actually I don't mind this time of the year that much, it's a time to retreat inside and get on with the other nice pursuits of life. I am looking forward to getting on with a couple of nice books that I have been holding off on reading, and more than a few seasons of Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. It also gives me time to go through a number of quite beautiful design sites that I have found over the past few months as well without feeling guilty about not being outside. Is that bad? Anyway here's this weeks images for you all to be inspired by. Actually that reminds me, I have a friend in Auckland who has just finished building his new house and he sent me an image of the kids bunk room, and it was quite fantastic. When I asked him where did he get the ideas for that, he replied "from your blog'. So there you go, it has inspired my friend to go outside the square and to build something a little different. I was quite chuffed when he told me that. Good on you Bryce.

These green walls are becoming quite popular now as an addition to a houses controlled environments. Simple and easy and the quality of the air is amazing. We designed and built a room for our client Kiwi bank that has two walls with ferns and plants growing on it, and when you walk into that little room the air quality is so much nicer than the 'normal' office. You can try it with as little as 5 plants, it works!!!!

have just seen a wall like this in a new bar and restaurant in Cuba Street, very nice and natural.

I'd love to have space like this

Porches are a much under utilised space I think, but I hate that phrase 'indoor outdoor flow'

Hmmm a bit messy but still nice space

clever little idea

Now this is a porch that i could spend some time on


You all know by now that i love the natural concrete finish

Actually really liked the usage of smoked glass and clear glass, we don't use enough of it really, but it is so nice.


This is a very very cool little house, small on size, but massive on detail, sleeps 8 people and is perfect for our conditions here. This is what happens when you get boat builders building homes

Beautiful carbon fibre and lava stone chair, I really appreciate the workmanship going on here.

I feel like this sometimes

The houses in the square must cost a bit

height is something that we don't have enough of, and yet when you see it, it's a wonderful asset to have

can you smell this place, and feel the heat, I can.

Mmmmmm again

I wish we had markets like this here, it's always so vibrant and there's always a lot going on

What a great shot

nice little idea
I just love this house

Not that you'd think it, but this is in Texas, and not Santorini.

love these images of lone dusty little European tight  allyways, always makes me want to be there

This was a project by a group of architects to show us just how much space we don't actually need. I get the idea, but then so would my calf muscles.

The Vatican from an angle I've never seen before

Wish we had these here

This is FANTASTIC what a play ground

A very nice selfie......


Just because, have you ever seen a shot from this angle before

Sometimes we just seem so small.

Here's a view that I've never seen before either. Wellington, see if you recognise these places. 2 of the building in this picture are still there and the balcony of Mollies is there as well. It's funny because this image must have been taken right from the spot where my new apartment is being built. Oh how times change.

This is the top of the Ngauranga Gorge, amazing that we have speed cameras here now.

The Railway Station like I've never seen as well

This is a view looking up Kent Terrace towards the basin. This would have been directly in front of where the Embassy is now. look at how many houses are on the Brooklyn hill in the background.

OK, time's up, that's all for this week, hope you got something from here this week. Till next time, oh and thank you for being such great followers. I get plenty of responses to the blog and last week I have over 2000 hit's, so that makes me happy.