Monday, 3 March 2014

Hi there and it's March already!!!!! What a bad summer we had, or are having, I'm hoping for a few more fine days yet, but I'm not crossing my fingers. So where to from here...........the blog is a funny mixture this week I've just noticed, so I hope that you enjoy.

heck of a lounge feature I thought

I normally would like this, get the designers to look at it, who would shut it down immediately and never build something like this, but it seems to work

I do like this room

And the view from this bathroom is amazing also

Even if it were only 2 degrees I would go there, I would do this

Do you think this family like pools?

Nice little tree house ( Orb).

This is completely wrong in my mind.

Hidden cupboard doors, what a great idea

Look at the finish to this floor, just beautiful

I love this place, and on the roof is a great lookout, barbecue lounging area. So cool

Like how the kitchen is sunk into the floor

large Black and whites always add drama to a space

Central park like you've never seen before.

very elegant interior

Now which one is your apartment, I'll wave

I love this space, cant wait to visit it. Singapore

What a great shot

This is the shuttle launching into space like you've never seen before

Looking for all the world like a painting

Like the way this space has been split but is still very cohesive with each other using the kitchen as a perfect focal point to both spaces

I know..........but it is a Dali if it were still here it would be worth ( little finger in the corner of your mouth) millions, telling the world what he thought of Picasso

beautiful room, love the way the bed looks like a caravan

timber in all it's glory

I laughed and laughed at this. never saw them here thank goodness. My kids always just jumped on top of me, never had to use a saddle. How funny

Now how cool are these images of picture theatres? Wish we had these here.

Love the space, and like the deer on the wall, must be a mans room.

And as they say folks, that's all for this week.

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