Monday, 17 March 2014

March, nearly done too!!!!!
My God why are things travelling along at such a speed, it's hardly like our feet have touched the ground since the lead up to Christmas. Well, this week, um-mm where to begin, have been searching for apartment ideas and some inspiration as to what to do with my new white space that I'm about to move into in a few weeks time ( if they finish), so this weeks theme is a little apartment and residential design, but that shouldn't matter to much as we all live in homes right? Then I started thinking about containers ( this has been happening a lot lately), and I found some pretty cool container houses, some of which don't even look like containers, but very very cool houses, or Bach's or workshops. And then some beautiful images of stunning architecture for you to look at as well. So enjoy.

I think the one thing you can or should notice about all these images is the craftsmanship and the detail that has gone into each and everyone of these spaces.

I've seen those screens somewhere before

Just look at how well built this is

This is a very neat bird feeder, just so simple and yet so clever

These are starting to appear in our markets now too.

Now this is a clever idea, control of your lights as you leave or as you arrive. walk up to the door and turn your hall lights on, Simple and one of those "why didn't someone think of that before ".

Bit OTT for me, but hey each to their own

How nice is this image, take time to let your eyes walk up this street


Don't normally put this type of image on this blog ( I leave that for my other one), but look at the design that has gone into this

yeah well style is style

These are called 'Mud Rooms' and are a very good idea

Containers again

Tokyo sleep containers

An exterior clad container, not to sure, I like the look and the roughness of the original

Now I could most definitely live here, if ever there was space that encapsulates all that I like this is it.

Mercedes museum Stuttgart

This is actually 4 x 60 footers, and 4 x 20 footer containers put together

Timber basin, not too sure about longevity, but it looks real nice

See what you can do

Porsche Museum Stuttgart

A very nice bunk room

haven't you always seen doors like this and thought Hmmm what's behind that, I guess I have an inquisitive nature really haha

A small 21 m2 living capsule, but working very well

Dont' be afraid of big art ever!

Well that's about all for this week.

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