Monday, 24 March 2014

Good morning to you all. This weeks blog has been a bit of a mission, was heading off in one direction as to where the images would take us and then ended up coming back in another design direction. I was enjoying some images from places around the world and then got into some stunning street art, some beautiful residential ideas as well, and then quietly moved back into some fantastic new office design ideas and office spaces. I am quite interested in where the design direction is heading for the open plan office, and it has moved so far away from what we would call a 'normal office', but then what is a normal office these days. Trends show us that groups and can expand and contract so quickly these days as projects and teams develop, and yet now the office space itself remains relatively static and is there to support the changes going on in the office. So enjoy a little bit of travel, a little bit of this and that, and a lot of what we are all involved in.

600 staff to look after one family in New Delhi in this building.This is just one apartment for one family.

A simple and yet quite beautiful home, the workmanship is just fantastic.

Think some money is needed on the landscaping

What a great piece of art

Interesting and yet simple ceiling feature

great spaces for people to collaborate in and enjoy a quick lunch time snack

Hmmm not to sure about swinging desks but it leaves lots of floor space that's for sure.

Collaboration meeting spaces seem to be the way to go.The little room down the end is a phone booth

Just like this one, clever use of the space

This space has pretty much every type of meeting space all in one small area

very calming space I thought, like the color scheme going on here

Hmmm not too sure, but it works for them

Kitchens made to look like containers

I dropped this in here because I thought you might need a rest

And you thought your job was difficult, these guys are Himalayas Honey collectors and spend all day up ropes getting stung to death just to collect the honey from this region. At the end of the day they look all puffed up their feet bleeding from holding on to the ropes, it's a hard existence

This ones a bit out there, but a bit of fun never hurt anyone did it?

The support facilities have to be top notch as well

Hmm, I miss my old wardrobe

I've spent more than a few nights in that little bar down there by that big pool, I miss this place.

Cool rooms, cooler views

A real boys house eh?

I've only just got this. At first i thought "Klimpt", but then I realised some street artist has seen that the bomb shelled walls actually do look like a Klimpt and put 'The Kiss' onto the wall to match the shell marks

For no other reason in that it was a nice photo and I was hungry haha

beautiful kitchen

So there you go, if you see anything in these images that may help you with thoughts and ideas on your own workspace, don't hesitate to call us here at Planet Design, it's what we do so well.

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