Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Hi there, apologies for being a bit late this week, I've been tied up with a whole bunch of other stuff that seems to be taking a fair bit of my time. Any how, on with this weeks installment of design and space inspiration. Some pretty amazing places in here this week, it makes me want to travel and see all the more. So here we go, enjoy.

Parquet flooring will always have a place for me in any design, there are some great installers here in NZ that do beautiful work, and it always seems so 'European'. If you know what I mean.

This apparently is the future, this is the Tesler car and it is for sale right now. The dash is like an I-pad, and once they get the filling stations sorted expect to see these. The future is here, wow!!!

Loved this shot.

Some people have asked me why I put images of watches in here, the reason? They are wonderful little pieces of design and are so jewel like.

Well folks that's all for this week, hope you enjoyed it, and that somewhere in here, you found an idea that you could use.