Monday, 4 May 2015

Hi there and welcome to another installment of the design inspiration that is meant to inspire you to look at things a bit differently, to make you want to say to yourself " I could do that, I could go there, I could imagine that, and I could live like that". Really it's quite simple to make small and meaningful changes to how you live that makes all the difference to your day and to your life. So continue to be inspired, and please enjoy the images enclosed here for your enjoyment.

Seeing as it's winter and it's raining outside, I found this nice little image, wish it had sound. Actually i miss the sound of rain on a tin roof. Hmmm time to move I think

Whoa, that's a bit too colorful for me, but it seems top work
The work to these walls is amazing

Clever use of office meeting space.

Doesn't this place look great, imagine unlocking the door and walking into this house

Stunning pencil drawing

This is for my friend Cathy

 This is very clever

 Quite liking the tin on the walls here, so simple

 I saw these lamps for sale last weekend, $15.00 each, look what you can do with them

 What a great image

These were some of the planes parked at Las Vegas for the big fight that they just had, when I say some, they actual;ly had to close the airport down because of the amount of traffic. how the others live eh?

 There's always something that grabs me when I see photos of people in cafes, they always seem far away.

Well folks, that about all for this week, I hope you saw something. Big week for me this coming week, so I hope to have next weeks installment on inspiration out on time. Ciao for now. God I hate that word Ciao, it's not even spelt how it sounds, and it's not as if I'm even Italian. Funny I make me laugh, and if you can't laugh at yourself who can you laugh at.

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