Monday, 27 January 2014

Welcome again, this week there's a mixed bag of images, modern office design, some beautiful buildings and some very nice places that I'd love to visit. Some of these images aren't so much about what's in them, but more about how they are captured. There is even a couple of houses in here this week from little old new Zealand. I do admire some of the design work that our very own come up with, but even more I admire the people the clients  that commission them and let our designers do what they do so well. So go grab a coffee and enjoy.......

You know if someone said to me we intend to use ...this colour I'd be saying Yeah, but thinking Nah, but hey it works really well.

Modern office does not equate to boring

Cool spaces don't necessarily come in buildings

Love this work environment's an idea i suppose, stil haven't figured out exactly what this achieves, but OK, someone obviously thinks its works and if it works for them it works.

very cool little office meeting space, with roll out doors

It's a funny idea and an upholsterers nightmare, but it actually works OK.

Open plan meeting and office cube based meeting spaces all in the same area, seems to work quite well

This house impressed me for the finished look that it has. Obviously well designed and built

This was titled 'beach house', pretty amazing beach house if you ask me.

Paris.................say no more lovely shot

saw a program on the Arts channel a few weeks back about massive monuments and sculptural icons in Russia and then this image pops up 

I would have said "exactly".

A house in Wellington

You know I rode by this building everyday sometimes 10-15 times a day and never noticed it quite like this

Loved this signage

Now this IS space that I could live in

An Athfield house in Takapuna

I used to live just out of this shot down to the left about three doors along, I have to say I loved living in London

Great space saver idea

I do love London, but I remember it like this as well

I've seen this idea done before, and you know what it looks great......for a while, and then the dust kicks in and after that it looks like crap, is hard to maintain, ends up sagging, and every time a bulb needs replacing the panels move and never sit the same way again, so sometimes design can be flawed


This was also labelled a beach house

Prague again

Great Shot

Hmmmm...............this is me too!!!!!

Thought that this Kiosk was a fun piece of design

The last 5 images of the week go to what I think is perhaps one of the nicest houses I have ever seen, it just gets me. from the clean clear spaces, the design gone into the detailing and the floating bed, it's just a beautiful place.