Monday, 25 February 2013

I have to state apparently that the images you see on this site are not taken by me, they are images from around the globe and I will only claim those that are mine as mine, otherwise they come from everywhere and are for your enjoyment. Followers past the 1500 mark now so thats encouraging. I am amazed at how something as small as this blog can go where it goes, so spread the word. So here's this week coffee break for you all to enjoy.

Love this shot, the color and saturation is almost about as perfect as you can get it.

Likewise here.

I thought this wall mural was brilliant, it makes the lounge look like an extension of the road, so well done.

This worries me, because I have seen this in Auckland, and I find it quite frightening

Another floating boat, great image....

A partical excelerator, how do we have the minds to make stuff like this, when only 2oo years ago we were still sailing around the world and popping large lumps of steel at one another

yes, I've said it, plain and simple is best

This shop has appeared on these pages before, but I never saw this shot. pretty amazing retail outlet.

british scientific lab in the Antartic. It's on sleds so it can be moved.

A very calming room I thought, might base my next bedroom on this, I love the sense it gives

nature has a way of working with color like no other

man on the other hand

great shot, enlarge this up and have a look at the detail

This is under the end of the runway at the Madiera Airport, how amazing is this.

Love the colour going on here

A bit of design whimsey

Now...I could live here.

Very clean, and very sophisticated.

Well thats all for this week. Hope you enjoyed it. there are a number of new people on the list now, so take the time to back through the archives, it's pretty amazing back there.
had one of the readers call me up the other day to call me "a bastard", not for any other reason, other than he was amazed at the photography and the design and the abilities of the people who's work you see in here, and how he couldn't do this. But you know what the real secret is, you can, everyone can, it's just a matter of getting inspired ( this blog is for that reason alone), and then to actually do it. I remember years ago being at a carving symposiuim and saying that "hey I could do that", having never ever done it, and you know what this is what came out of it, a memorial stone for a friend of mine who died racing on the Isle of Man

So get inspired, get an idea, grab a camera, do a class, keep your eyes open and create.