Monday, 4 February 2013

Well here we are, February already, the warm weather is lingering, but I get the feeling that it is losing its grip and will start to slide away soon. So here's this weeks images for you all to be amazed with. Hope you enjoy. It's funny I get people sending me emails now, saying how they enjoy the blog, and yet I've never sent it to them and I dont know who they are, so some of you must be forwarding this on. Thank you.
It's a big blog this week because I have it working again...
A stunning shot taken by a photographer who was buried the day this photo won an international contest.

A beautifully executed design, what a lovely home

I'm pretty impressed with this design

I have noticed lately that we seem to be living in more and more limited space, and this popped up, which I thought was a very clever way to get an awful lot into a small space.

Great image worthy of being looked at

Loved the colour here

Sometimes..........well I wish that I was there

Great Image

Not too sure about some interiors, too big, too cold, too spartan, but still nice to view

This is lovely

Great Building

You would never see this from travelling along the road

A nice warm sun lounge added to the side of a home

Bathrooms, we spend so much time and money on them

This is a renovation of a church that was done so brilliantly I could do a whole blog on it

I love the way the designers have smoothed out the internal space



Backyard rooms

This house was amazing too, so many images of it but you get to see the best of it

Great space, this house is so well designed

The evening transforms the space

The interiors are just as stunning

Thats a beautiful kitchen

Something a liitle different I suppose, this is a mauseleum, not normally a building that people would associate with great design, but then you think why not. This building is simply beautiful, a place away from the rush, a contemplative place and the more I look at it the more I fall in love with it.

Detail to the windows is just beautiful

Public spaces to gather, peaceful and calming

And restive areas for quiet with a view that I guess you could stare at for ages without knowing you are staring

OK, enough, back to great interior design agin

I was going to do an entire blog on houses with views but there are just so many

This is a new Hotel in Milan, only the Italians, it's like they have something to prove to the rest of the world even though we already know that they are pretty cool when it comes to design

What a reception............

Pretty funky rooms as well.

Now this room is really me, I love this space

Reminds me of 'Mad dogs and Englishmen'.

Black and Whites can make an image seem more than what it is

I love these.

Just the simplest of ideas can reallly make a space

A bathroom with a VIEW....

This is a stop and look image

This looks alot like a building here in Wellington, Stout Street I think but viewed from a completely different angle

Found this image and was amazed by it

Hmmmmm, not too sure

Great street art

Underwater hotel in Dubai

Japanese plaza,

Well folks.........that's about me for this week, I have left so many images off this week, there seems to be a real increase of images this time of the year as everyone gets back into the swing of things, so I'd like to think that I have given you all some of the best there is, without having to trawl for them yourselves.

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