Monday, 28 October 2013

OK, here we go, Christmas is fast approaching, saw my first decorations in the shops!!!!! Got the dramas of last few weeks over and done with and now am getting ready for the end of year. 
Not much else to say except enjoy the spring weather, take the time out to see whats going on in the world. Have had some followers, say they enjoy the site at home now, so where ever it takes your fancy to view the world of design and inspiration I hope you enjoy.


I watched a documentary on the making of hood ornaments just the other night and was truly fascinated by the time and money that went into them, and then this image pops up on my screen 

Unmistakable, keep your eyes for these on the sales site, I managed to get an original for less than $400.00, I love my Barcelona as old and broken down as it is.

Alfa concept car in the 60's fantastic

Looking more like a painting 

Not too sure whats going on here perhaps a record store?

This needs enlarging, wonderful photography

These are believe it or not Bugatti's wonder where they are today?

great offices...

Art is art no matter what form

This was described as  a farm house, yeah right....

I've never seen a shot like this before of the Southern Pole you can see Australia and Argentina 

Interesting shot

See even back in the 30's-40's they built cool houses

Liked this image

great bathroom

Some mornings feel just like this haha

OK, OK that's all for this week. have been working on a different blog as well as this one, it's more about the things that cant really be shown on work computers, ( nothing sinister, but just material that is not as design related). So if your interested I will have this up and running in the next few days. 
Anyway enjoy your week start thinking about all those little gifts you need to get now as opposed to a day before, and I will catch up with you all over the next few weeks.