Monday, 14 October 2013

OK then, welcome to this weeks images for you all to enjoy, go get a coffee and just take 5.
Have enjoyed getting these weeks images, been up late at night thinking about a whole lot of things, so what better way to take my mind off of things and spend time  finding images for you all to enjoy.

I love these types of images as they are more sculptural than architectural, and the image always seems somewhat surreal.

Offices seen from a slightly different perspective

The return of the bench seat, I knew that it would have to come back at some stage, where three friends could all enjoy the front view.

These office breakout cubes are made of old gondolas and this office themed each one in a different way to make them more interesting. This one looks like an Italian restaurant.

definitely not for me

I love this kitchen, it certainly is the center of the house

Great detail in the ceiling

I'd love to be here right about now

Clever wall art

just liked this for the color content, amazing image

Massive paellas are a favorite of mine

When I first saw this image I thought it was a coffee bean, haha great image

Looks to me like this couple couldn't agree on what type and what sort of furniture they should have, so they got both

See I see this as more sculptural, more as a piece of art than a building

I want one

This image stunned me, you all know that this is my sport of choice, this shows just how much these guys lean, it's an impressive 61 degrees with a credit card size contact patch on the ground at over 320KPH.

Clever little bookshelf idea

Why aren't we allowed to do this here I ask?

Not for the faint hearted

I want to cry.......

Monsoon showers

This is a beautiful WOW type costume, it really does look like its raining, beautiful

laughed when I saw this, someones obviously been given a brief that requested a bit of fun

Wish this was me.......I mean he has hair........

Now he's up really high as you can see from the skyscrapers below, so whats he hanging off of?

How tough do you have to be

Just thought that this was a beautiful image, and needed to be included

Never seen Niagra from this angle have you?

A safety deposit box room can be stylish too

great Street art

here's that restaurant again.

Oh yes please

Now this is not a building, as I thought, it's actually a close up of a Nike shoe but image wise it looks like the side of a building that gets featured here.

Old man winter gone from these shores

The walls of the Swarovski building reception 

1958 was when this car was made, amazing work in alloy

Loved this couch, would buy one if I could find one, anyone know where I can get one from.

This is very very clever
This is to me a heaven place, just love it.

And just to finish off, this dog really does look like Samuel Jackson, a bit of fun eh?
Well that's all for this week, hope you enjoyed it.

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