Monday, 7 October 2013

Another week of beautiful images, enjoy the color and light and mans abilities to transform anything into something gorgeous, beautiful and  amazing. This weeks images are pretty office designed based, so hope you don't all mind.

A design icon that is recognized around the world

I love this bag, it pays to travel well.

small office meeting cubicles with just furniture seem to be making a bit of a resurgence at the moment

Mercedes, another automotive icon instantly known

More cubicles

office spaces don't have to be boring

Modern office design working well

Just a great image

I like the use of all the color here haha, see the blue and the yellow

A great internal but external courtyard

Office kitchenettes can be pretty funky too

Straight desking is happening again

This was a quiet room in an office, for an out of the way space to work at, or for four-6 people to have an informal meeting without being interrupted. The walls are sound proofed for added privacy. And it only takes up 2.8m2

Really liked this image for some reason.

Little boxes, little boxes, and they're all made out if tic.....well you get the idea 

Lovely usable office space

bright office space, liked the paneled walls

A great composition and beautiful color

What a shot.....

Seems a bit too cold to me, but visually a stunning office space

This was an art installation to show that local housing was slipping away and exposing the rawness of the community, very clever

great art in the office, this is pretty clever

metal can be made to look so brutal

Nice wall in office space

Loved the wall in the restaurant

Modern offices using storage as seating.

Now you think that we have no space check out this apartment

I really am starting to appreciate the old school furniture

Hmm not too sure about this, certainly is bright

here's that old school furniture again, but looking surprisingly modern

Did like how this design did differentiate the corridors from the office

the sliding doors to these meeting rooms is very very nice

just found this image and loved the car

That iconic automobile again

Open plan offices don't need to be boring

But it is a little sterile for my liking

This plant actually grows 'in' the table, i thought that this was fantastic

great shot

very good craftsmanship here

Lovely home

They say it's going to be finsihed in about 15 years and this is how they plan to build the rest,

Now this is smart!!!!!!

Hmmm........... I don't think that I'd enjoy this space

This space is very nice, lovely offices

As are these

and these

beautiful design happens everywhere

This is an image of the new electric motorcycles that are being developed on the race track at present. They are creepy quiet, go like cut cats but they still manage to look great design wise.

This is another idea on the quiet open plan office floor that is becoming popular now, these little free standing quiet spaces for a person to go to when they need some peace. WiFi lap top and phone and your away

Pretty bright space don't you think

Now this is an automotive icon, a shape that is known around the world and it hasn't really changed in 50 odd years

Lovely design here

kidding right?

It must have god crazy cold here

beautiful clean space

Art in timber........................

Another attempt at providing quiet space in an office but having a bit of fun at the same time. The office had lots of these and they were all themed differently, this one French, the one in the background like an English pub and so on.

OK I say this a lot, lets go.

Clever storage space

I've lived in London when it's been like this, this image makes it look quite romantic, but I can tell you it's not. personally I'd be going the other way, there are no bars in that direction haha.
Well that's me for this week, thanks for viewing the blog and I am glad you all enjoy it so much.

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