Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Well this week marks a fairly big period of time not only for me, but for Planet Design. We are 25 years young this week. 25 years!!!!!, where have they gone, it's hard to believe that two young guys sitting in Chevy's restaurant all that time ago could come up with an idea for a business that would last that long. It's certainly been a journey that's for sure, and this morning I actually sat down and tried to remember all the staff that we have had and I'm afraid that I could not. We have been blessed with some very very talented people passing through our doors. It would be safe to say that the  people who have worked here are always treated with respect and held in high regard within the design industry both locally and internationally. I think it's because Planet Design is without doubt one of the most respected design companies in the country, and that is something to be proud of. So anyway as a result I have a Mega Bumper Extravaganza issue for you this week. So I wont say too much as  It may take some time to get through, just like the last 25 years. Can you believe it 25 years!!!!!!!!!! happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us,happy birthday Planet Design happy birthday to us.

Clever ideas, that's what we like

This is an art installation done by a Japanese artist, sending Bonsai and floral tributes into space by balloon

I could say something like "Like sands through the blah blah so are the days of our lives" or something like that but I won't ( actually I just did Ha Ha). Have a great week, and remember take each day as it comes, and enjoy the people and the things in it. Just look up.

And to  Trevor, Simon, Dominic, Jason, Phillipa, Nick, and the host of others thank you for your input into our company, and to Patrick, Kirsten, Debbie, Justine, and Kathryn a special thanks as well.