Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Ok, it's raining outside, go grab a coffee, take a moment and enjoy.

This made me feel rather old I have to say.

This apparently is how a star is made and millions of galaxies spin off of this to form our milky way. pretty cool

A very cool interior of a barge, I could do this.

Does your day sometimes feel like this?

Clever use of space

handy idea I thought

Nice idea, but i would rather the crate be finsihed

Yes please

This is a very well thought out space, a place for everything, I'm really liking this l;little back yard shed
ladies this is an excellent idea, so good that I am going to do this in the new apartment.

Living in apartments we have always complained about the lack of storage, this idea gets around part of that, although putting your toilet paper inder the bed is a bit funny.
I do so love concrete interiors

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