Monday, 24 November 2014

Well another weekend flashes past and another Planet Design installment  gets put together. Only 4 weekends until Christmas Sometimes I get myself all wound up in the images and can spend hours looking at sites and going to places that I have never seen before. I have two blogs running, both on topics of which I am passionate about, (otherwise I wouldn't do it), but this weekend just gone, I was in a numbed zone and just went where the mouse led me so to speak. I went to some amazing places that's for sure and as a result you all get to see some of them without too much effort at all. So for your viewing pleasure here's this weeks installment for you all.

Great space, love the mood of these interiors

This is a shopping mall in America!!!!! Amazing really

The snow that fell in North West America last week did some crazy things, imaging opening your front door to this.

A very cool Hotel in San Francisco, I'd go there

 I saw this image and thought to myself, "why would a pigeon want to fly that high over a country that is basically 2 meters at it's highest point above sea level". Must have been a climb.

This is a beautiful house

The next four images are of a small but beautifully built snow house, have a good look at the design and the build quality.

Studio living

A great out door bath for your bathing and viewing pleasure.
The charred wood is an interesting feature, that must take some careful burning that's for sure.

A man shed most definately. I'm always wondering why is there only ever man sheds?

This is just amazing, mother nature working her magic.

A great little weekender escape place, love it.

 A water Tower in South Africa, great engineering

 The apartment below is one of the nicest I have seen for a long time,

 Above and below, when you put your mind to it.

 installation using colored threads.