Monday, 17 November 2014

Hey there followers, hope your week has been good so far. here's this weeks collection of images for you all to enjoy. As we lead up to the Christmas period, we have seen a rush of 'things' that need to be done before Christmas. Why is that I wonder? 
Never mind we are only 37 days to go. We are working right up until the last day, but I have heard a lot of companies are stopping on the 19th, which is a bloody good idea. But we are not back until the 12th of January. But never fear the Interior blog will always get through. I'm working on a Christmas (listen to me will you ha ha a Christmas special), but it will be a very large one, and it is going to have the very best of all the images from the past 170 odd posts that I have done. I am actually finding it quite hard to select the best from the best because I think every image here is fantastic, but it is coming together. So this weeks imagery doesn't have a theme, just fantastic design. great color and very graphic in it's nature. Enjoy.

I'm a total sucker for glazing like this, I just love the look of the old steel windows

Painted Containers. There are some talented people out there don't you think?

What a place...........

Love this inverse design work, here

Clever usage of space, and concrete! the best building material there is

Funny, saw this image, went on line and booked a room here for the middle of next year. Will upload an image of me standing outside it. Venice.

What a nice outdoor space in doors.

Hmmm thinking about some screens for my kitchen in the new apartment and this looks like a great idea.


Everone gets a balcony and some outdoor space, all the while living on top of one another

Rabat in Morocco, been there walked this path

great signage, I just love the thought that has gone into making something so elegant, stylish and simple.

This is what I call a shorts and t shirt room, you could not wear anything else but that in here

perhaps a bit pretentious I mean an Alpha in the garage and a Cello!!!1

Back streets of Naples is a wonderful place to visit.
The 'modern office' in all it's exposed glory. I'd feel pretty happy about coming to a place like this every day to work.
Regent Street London

 Love this studio, what a great use of space

 Now these people certainly aren't afraid of color are they
Check out the concrete work going on here, absolutely stunning form work.

 Said it before and I will say it again, mirrors, if you have a beautiful space that you love throw a mirror at it, and double it.
 I've never seen balconies that protrude this far and seem so unsupported, pretty cool

 Hmmm to me it looks like this room is hardly used, what do you think.
 Years ago in another life I delivered parcels on motorcycle all over England, and I had to deliver a parcel to the Heinz family, way out in the country side. Don't ask me where it was because I was lucky enough just to find it myself. Anyways, their house was built in a little gully then filled in over the top, so that you couldn't see the house. It took about 5 minutes on my motorcycle to get to the house from the automatic gate at the roadside. their house looked just like this, except about 40 times bigger I would expect. I was greeted at the door by a genuine long tail coated aristocratic penguin type butler ( in the style of Parker of off Thunderbirds). he looked down his nose at me, and said absolutely nothing held out his hand and took the parcel, then disappeared. Door shut, me standing there. Silence. No tip no nothing. Miserable buggers I thought. ha ha. I prefer Watties.

Imagine coming home after a night out, you'd have to concentrate I would think.

Now this is cool, if you never had a use for old pallets here's one right here. Check it out

Just nice
I love Hotel lobbies, you've either just arrived somewhere, or are about to go somewhere, great places to sit and watch people.

Come on who wants to go?

 Only in Japan.

 Wow now that's a Hotel.

Old meets new in a very nice way
Great signage

Smash up an old drainage pipe, and BANG, you have a cool light shade
Concrete and steel my fav materials.

And that's a wrap I think. Some pretty cool stuff happening there. I have had some great feedback in the past few weeks about the planet design weekly, and I am constantly blown away by the positive effect it seems to have on people. Have a great week won't you.

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