Monday, 30 March 2015

It has to be said I love architecture and i love good design even more, but what i do really like the most of all is the abilities of people who can transform and idea into something real, something tangible. Am image,  a moment captured can be just as evocative as a building, or an interior, a space or even a small piece of furniture. And that is what I intend to bring to you through this small insight called the Planet Design Blog. So here's this weeks please enjoy

Grey is coming back

Not so sure, but if it works for them, then it is OK.

I love the look of this bedroom, very peaceful.

 A scissor lift being put to a use I've never seen before, this is fantastic

 This is a great little house, I could see these peppered all over a weekend stay type place

 Isn't it great, so small and compact but so well done
 Even this back yard hide away is great.

So that's all for this week, hope you saw something that has you inspired. My favorite image was the green apple, just amazing how much detail was in that. Listen up followers, I'm not too sure on how regular the blog is going to be over the next few weeks as there are somethings that i have to deal with, but as they said " the posts will always get through", I'm just not to sure on the regularity that's all. It's only for a short time I hope and then we can resume in the normal fashion. have a great week and a fantastic Easter weekend.