Monday, 23 March 2015

I found myself wandering through a whole lot of different sites in the weekend, and was blown away by the beauty that this world presents to us on a never ending scale. I couldn't help but think that we live in very different times to our fore fathers, what with the unbelievable brutality that we witness every night on our TV's to the artistic works of men and woman from all over the globe. I'm just glad that i can bring a small bit of that to you. Amazing images and stunning design every where. So enjoy.

I do like the idea of these green columns in the office

I think someone has been trying just a littler too hard here, really.

This is a service depot in Barcelona, I mean it's a truck park!!!! Look what they do.

Container housing taken to an entirely different level.

This is quite brutal, an old prison in England, no one ever escaped from here, no prisoner ever saw another person the entire time they were here, if they needed to be out of their cells they were blindfolded ( so that did not see the layout of the prison). Amazing how times change, and yet prisons are still not enough of a deterrent to stop crime.
Hotel in Peru, quite cool I thought.

I think rooms like this are great. No fuse, no bother, plain and simple.

That theme carries on through this house

This house was built in the mid 50's and yet even today it looks fantastic.

They call this brutalist architecture, I understand that looking at this

This is me

ISIS are busy at the moment destroying the icons of our past civilizations, this is a travesty

Isn't it strange that one piece of art can set of an entire room.

The reason why this is here, is that it is a new experiment on housing, if you could see the neighborhood that surrounds this house, the architects here have produced low cost high quality housing that i think most people would love to live in.

I'm always amazed at the abilities of the artists and the carvers who could create works like this, the detailing in the fallen cloth is just quite amazing
It's that time of the year that we all love, Bluffy Time

This is here for no other reason in that I loved the light, and the history. How much clatter, and laughter and banter has gone on in this room over the years. You know I think I can even smell this room.

How iconic is this building, everyone in the world knows immediately what it is.

Sorry couldn't resist

What they do when we aren't around

Now this is not a small yacht. Those masts are over 14 storeys high.

Another when we aren't looking moment

Found in the peat on the Steppes, amazing work from an era long long since forgotten, and yet little things like this are presented to us, to make us wonder who made this, who was it for , how old is it?

An amazing shot

And to finish this week a series of images taken of places that are famous and iconic but from a slightly different view point.

Just beautiful. Well that's all for this week, I hope you found some inspiration in this weeks installment. Gald to be able to bring it to you.

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