Monday, 16 March 2015

Welcome back. March is nearly over, unbelievable really, and the grips of winter are knocking at the door that's for sure. I'm still hopeful for one or perhaps two goods last ditch attempts by summer to say goodbye. Actually i don't mind winter, I find it gives me time to spend in my study or lounge reading and putting together one of my blogs ( I have three running now). I really do enjoy seeing what other people are doing and making and building. I watched a program last week on architecture and I heard someone say this "architecture is just art that we walk through and live in". I sat there and thought to myself I've never heard it put that way before, but he was right, it's art on a grand scale. So here we are, enjoy other peoples art, not in oils or on a canvas, but in concrete and steel.

This looks like a courtyard I could spend hours reading in
This is similar to what they are planning in Christchurch, I think it's fantastic

I am always struck by the beauty and the complexity of nautical design, even thought these images are computer generated, this boat is actually being built. It's amazing.

I love this house, I've always had a thing for buildings being built under the earth and hiding what is really happening. check out the next 3-4 images.

Thought that these were pretty cool

It sure is dry up the country

This years new color?

The light in this images is pretty nice........

I could, could you?

 It really couldn't get any nicer than this image

Touch the screen, you can feel the warmth, go on you know you want to.

The Paris natural history museum, what a wonderful place, I'm going to be in this very room in about 9 weeks time. I can't wait.

 I've seen these lights for sale at Parker Ferguson, they are beautiful in the extreme.

Grain Silos can be made to look fantastic, only in France

 Great Shot

I really liked thsi little two bedroom house, so simple

What can be done with water jets these days open up so many possibilities for design and building beautiful spaces. We don't employ these techniques enough here I feel.

Little back yard sheds have always been places that I like. This one looks particularly nice.

And that folks is that. As I've said before, if there is even one image in this weeks installment that makes you go back, or makes you want to do something with your own space, then I have won. Glad you enjoy the site. See you all next week.

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