Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My apologies for being late this week, I've had an awful lot of how shall we say more pressing matters to get out of the way first. That's the first time that I have missed an installment. However it's here now and it's made me realise yet again what talented people we have on the face of this planet. With all the strife that is going on right now globally it makes me wonder how people can still produce the work they do. There is so much beauty every where you look and we are fortunate enough to have people who realise that and capture it for us mere mortals.
Some interesting points of view going on here this week, taken from angles that you would not normally see, so enjoy.

personally I think it's so important to have a seat in your shower. Try it, you'll see.

 A classic design will always be just that.
An amazing image caught

 The worlds largest container ship. It can carry 9 billion cans of baked beans.

 These images are from a festival in the States called Burning man, where they build statues and then burn them down, they are really quite incredible.

 Great design even crosses over into industrial subjects like the train below.

 A very very clever caravan.

 This little round house will amaze you. I saw some of these in Little River Akaroa last week, quite amazing

Scenes from above

 I've always enjoyed aerial shots. being able to see into others backyards, it's always interesting to see who has a pool.

Or a tennis court

 You can make anything out of anything

 This is a beautiful house, I love it when you get a sense of total completion, nothing left out, everything is so well considered and complete.

A clever multi functional room for children to have, this is very good.

And.....there you go, not a lot to say, prefer to let the pictures do the talking, have a great week and weekend, enjoy the last of the summer wine ( I will this weekend at the harvest festival), and be inspired.

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