Sunday, 26 April 2015

 Coming up to the start of May, where on earth did the time go? The 5th month of the year and it hardly seems like just a few weeks ago we were in the middle of summer contemplating which outside cafe we were going to go to. Never mind, here's some images to warm your heart, get your juices flowing and getting you up and active, book those holidays and go see the world. You only have today, yesterday has gone and tomorrow will always be tomorrow.

 Small housing has been on my mind for a while, why do you have three bedrooms and a study down the other end of the house you live in that's never used. Lounge, quiet space kitchen bedroom bathroom and a big garage, what more?

 This image made me laugh, so I thought you should see it too.
 Style will always be style

 What a great before and after, how many of you have bathrooms like this?

 There's something very peaceful about the Buddha

 Nice floating light
 Small houses are getting bloody clever

 Another before and afetr, get a loft hire a designer and get going

 Just watched the Woman in Gold and this image comes up, my all time favorite painting The Kiss

 They don't need to be big, just practical

As I said style will always be just that, taken in the early 70's this place is timeless.

Imagine what you could do with a 40 footer?

 Size really doesn't matter.

Somehow it looks so much better in the nighttime