Monday, 20 April 2015

Hello,there. Sorry for my lateness in getting last weeks Interior design episode to you. I haven't been too well and had a couple of other things to deal with first ( my health). But now I'm at home, resting and being a hermit, so thought I would muse myself by putting this one together seeing as I have not a lot else to do at present. Yes the blog, well I've kind of moved one a bit from just office interiors, even though some still excite me an awful lot, I've tended to drift more towards things, scenes, and subjects that have a great deal of design complexity, that have had a lot of thought put into them by designers, architects, photographers, and builders, and personally I find this far more inspiring than just 'ordinary' old offices, so without further adieu here is the blog. Please do enjoy wont you. 

I do like a good outside seating area, and this one looks pretty fine to me.

Mmmmm............I can taste the croissant and smell the Parisian streets from here

This sums up my current state of mind, haha

How beautiful is this scene?
And this.

Craftsmanship does not come cheap, great craftsmanship even dearer

Love this library

I love the scale of this image of The Vatican City, amazing

 I've been into a house just like this in Milan, it was amazing

 I like this button an awful lot.

I came across this bathroom and thought that it was simply stunning, what do you think?

 Now they bought this guy in to match the curtains. This is Jimmy a few days before Ringo kicked him out of his Paris flat for being a messy tenant.

 My all time favorite restaurant Depot was voted best Metro restaurant in New Zealand. Well done to those guys. I agree.

Then I found this house tacked onto the back of a normal little house in a normal little little suburb, but the house is anything but normal. take a look at this transformation.

Well that's that then. Hope you enjoyed yourselves and that somewhere in here you have found something to say "Wow". Look at that will you that's amazing. Glad you visited.

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