Monday, 8 April 2013

OK, this weeks blog is a 'super sized' blog because I'm going away for a few weeks. So there's sort of a hotel theme to a lot of the images this week. Planet Design will not doubt survive without me. This weeks images are just amazing, the work that people do as I've said in the past again and again, just simply astounds me and I am truely thankful to the designers, architects, and photographers who have developed their craft to such a degree that they can acheive things like you see here on the Int design blog of Planet Design. So as I've said "size me up", here it is enjoy.

Well maybe not all about design, but still a treasure none the less, this is a fully mature frog!!! It's so small it even makes me wonder how on earth did they find it in the first place.

This is a pastel painting, and just stoped me for its reality, so well captured.

beautifully conceived and even more carefully constructed, love this table

No this did make me stop, it's a petrol station! I sit back and think to myself "self why do all petrol stations look square and ugly". I guess it's one of those things where we just accept things because that's what they are, but they don't have to be do they. This building is great.

A great art installation I'm pretty sure it's called little moons. great work

What a shot

Kind of disturbing...........but a moment in time never the less

I really do think that containers are an underated way of making space and providing excellent living areas.

I sent this image to my friends at Wingspan last week, and thought that it would be good in the blog. You can see the direct influence of mother nature on man in this one shot. And dispite the fact that it is a war machine, there is still great design work going on here.

A beautiful flower

It's ugly but it's beautiful but it's ugly but it's.....

I'm going here...........

My new apartment.......well not quite but it's going to look just like this minus the fire place.

I just love the shapes that our automotive design cousins come up with, this shape is so recognisable, just as a coke bottle is

Simple.....a pallet and 4 wheels a bit of paint and there it is, just love it.

Virgin airlines new lounge

Well that's me a few weeks, enjoy, I hear it's 36 degrees where I'm going hope they have lots of gin and pineapple juice in the fridge.