Monday, 28 April 2014

ANZAC has come and gone, summer has lost it's battle with Autumn, and the chilly fingers of winter are quietly wrapping around us. So there's lots of images in this weeks to help brighten your lives for just a minute or two. Enjoy.

very clever design, to make this table look like it's a floating element, do i hear the phrase 'smoke and mirrors'.

Office cubes, Hmmmm not sure about this, but I'm guessing it fits in with the brief or they wouldn't be in there. It's always hard to comment on a design because you just don't know why a particular element is included in the work. But that's never stopped me haha.

Doesn't this just look fantastic

Nice shower

Lovely sculptural image

Lake Como where else

Only the french do this well

I jsut included this image, just for the sake of the image, how fantastic does this look, this shop would have spent a small fortune on Christmas even more than what our city did, oh wait that's right we didn't spend anything did we. Shame. Enlarge this image up and have a look, it's amazing

Always giver your feature lighting some careful consideration, and the results will be fantastic

I'm not too sure how the craftsman that built this table actually built this table, but i do like it.

I do like a good tree house

More open planning ideas for offices, they don't have to be so regimented, I'm liking where our ideas for office spaces are going, giving it back to the design.

great ideas happening here, it looks like it's floating above the sea.

This little clip has had everyone talking, it's been tested and reversed engineered and pulled apart, an no one can figure out where this 'ghost' car comes from. A bit spooky, of course there's an explanation but that hasn't been revealed yet.

Clever little chair/table combo

Loved this table, it's kind of like an invisible table that has had paint spread on it.

Warmer days

Sometimes design doesn't just have to be about where you live or what you do, sometimes it just comes out of nowhere and stops you.

I liked the ideas going on here, the p[planning said that the exterior of the building had to remain, the client wanted a totally modern house, so the designers approach was to build the new inside the old, and the result is absolutely stunning. I am going to do some research on this place and try and get some more images for you all to look at

beautiful combination of of ideas happening here in this house, it works so well and the view is amazing.

Simple really

This idea for that total open plan furniture desking was one way of getting an awful lot of seating into a very small space. Not too sure if it works or not and whether it has a 'novelty' value, but i do like it.