Monday, 14 April 2014

Hi there, another week and another episode. recently I've been asked by some of the viewers of the site, if I could include this sort of image, or that sort of image, and I've been right back to the start and had a  look at how the blog has transformed. originally the images were more graphic, more about the images and their quality rather than their content. Sure there were some great content shots too. There were also a number of shots from travel type destinations to make you think about other places and to see their architecture portrayed so beautifully. Then as time progressed the images have become more about living spaces both apartment type and 'normal ' housing ( if it can be called normal, I guess for some it is. The there was more about office living spaces as well. I guess the point of this ramble is, is that I will try and bring you all sorts of interiors, no matter what you want, it's all great stuff and I know that it has inspired some of you to have a look at your own spaces and see how you can change them to really suit how you want to live, and where you want to holiday. So here's this weeks instalment.

Please never ever do this to your house................ever. I still look at this and can't quite believe what these people thought they were actually doing

OK, lets get back to the cool stuff

Love the shape of this building

Hmmm , not too sure

But the bathroom is extraordinary

As is the view

Great piece of art
Ripples on a pond like I've never seen before 

This house is simply stunning, the next 5 images are from this house

really likes the use of the multi coloured chairs, normally this wouldn't work, but here it looks fantastic

Nice, it's amazing what you can do if you put your imagination to the test

I love this shot.

A model, yes, but what a fantastic idea for a house

Love the exposed pipework, we spend so much time covering it up, but with some care and attention at design time, you could save yourself a whole lot of money on joinery and still have something that looks fantastic

Awesome stuff

For some reason this space works for me, it's kind of wrong, but it's a space I wouldn't mind being in

Wish we had daily markets like this here

A little word here and there and all of a sudden the space is changed

Internal meeting spaces, for all of you people out there involved in office design, you can have those meetings anywhere on your floor, furniture has come a long way to meet with the demands of the modern office

Well not too sure about this on the sky scape, but at night it looks absolutely awesome when it's lit.


Beautiful execution of design, and craftsmanship.I'll bet that the people that live here, get a thrill going home and opening a door to this space

office collaboration space

Still don't know about slides. I still kind of think that they are best left in the playground, but that's just me.

really old design that is good will always be good

Love the difference between the office work space and the adjoining facilities space here, note how the lighting and the flooring change to meet with the differing demands of the areas. very clever. 

Now if I could I would................................

Any site will do, no matter how tight, just give your design team a brief, a budget and let them loose.

Quite liked the rooms in the back, fill them full of color

Santorini....................looking for all the world like an oil painting

I don't want to go there, No traveller ever said

Push them together when you don't use them.

A lovely remake of an old classic, I love this sort of stuff, and have something very similar for my new apartment.

meeting rooms don't need to be cold and hard, mix it up a bit

Yep, that'd be me.

I'll have my shaken not stirred please.

Now is this just nice or what?

I've stood here on a night exactly like this, beautiful, there's something about that city isn't there?

I love big tidy wardrobes

You don't need a lot of space, this room is 2 meters wide, by 5 meters long and yet it looks so much bigger

I do like, I say I do like a good shag pile carpet, just spent a small fortune on one for my new place.

Shanghai................... see how the city disappears into the smog

A cold and wet day in Austria is about the best you can get, up this road and just around the corner, there is a little well lit warm bar where you can smoke tiny thin cigarettes, drink ridiculously strong small coffees, have a pastry that you just know is no good for you, read the paper and watch the people go by as they struggle to pull their collars up against the cold and lean into the chill to get to where they are going as quickly as possible. Oh yes please.

OK, OK that's enough dreaming, get back to work and see you all here next week.

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