Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Well that's the Easter and ANZAC period over, time to reflect and spend some precious moments with family. My daughter was back from England, so it was fantastic to catch up after such a long time away.
Nice to see the weather calm down as well, while it was not too nice I was busy collecting images for the next episode of Interior design, or design that just interests me, and hopefully you. I really do enjoy getting all the feedback. So this week, a bit of a mixed bag, I've said this before it's quite strange the way my wanderings happen on the net to get these images, and even after that the time I spend editing them to make sure that there is just the right mix of images. I start of heading in one direction and end up a million images away looking at other things. I am truly fascinated and constantly in awe of the work that people do around this world. So enjoy.

I cant wait to go back

The workmanship is about as perfect as you can get, love the lamps and how they match through into the joinery hardware
Isn't the color just so rich

I'm starting to like the look of just leaving art sitting on the floor leaning against a wall

pretty sure that's Wellington in the back there, lovely home

I wish........

Looking all the world like a painting

Would have loved to have seen the drawings for this staircase

Color I like this wee joinery unit, it's so vibrant

the engineering going on here is pretty good too. Although we could not build this here, as it doesn't meet code

Like the joinery and it's contrast against the black and the bold use of color

Now this should make you think, great before and after images. With just a little thought and the help of a design consultants can just so make the difference, plus add dollars to your investment

Stunning kitchen

Now lunch here anyone, who wants to take me.

beautiful lounge

Another image of that place where we are going to have lunch

Cool office spaces

I do really like kitchens like this, the roughness of it, and the simplicity

Nice features in this office interior

I think that i would ragale against this if it came out of our office, I can hear the discussions now, but you know what it kind of works

Cool little idea for those hot desk storage areas

Nice offices

Who wouldn't want to work here? What a cool space

Apparently orange is a color that men are attracted to, I like this above

Great kitchen

So clean

Now this room is a bit hard to work out at first, I couldn't see the shower right beside the bed working, but when you see the plans and realise that this is a single room apartment, you get the light turning on over your head, these spaces are about 40m2 and are for designed for executives working in town for a small to mid term duration. lovely space i thought


What a view

I loved this little boat shed, so well designed and crafted

Tokyo Tower

All that glitters, Monaco at night

Knotting Hill, I remember this street during the carnival, the speaker towers were nearly as high as the houses, it still looks the same

Yes please, I could live here

What a great shot

I would have never ever thought to use this color, but how well does it work here.

Who remembers these, even an 8 track, my dad used to play Neil Diamond all the way from Waiouru to Napier on one of these, drove me crazy

great wall image, kind of makes you feel like your standing on the edge

Italian cool is this one

It does make you wonder what are we not capable of. This is insane

The space shuttle, I could see those two large solar panels passing over a few weeks back, would have loved to seen it like this.

So there we go......a great collection of places and spaces, hope you all enjoyed it, and hope that somewhere in there an idea sparked your imagination "I'm going to do that". 

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