Monday, 7 April 2014

Good morning everyone, well another week races by. I say that every time, but I cant believe how fast the year is already going. Must be an age thing or something. Came across some interesting images this week that put things into perspective, and some that should make you wish you weren't at your desk or home office but there in the photo. So enjoy, go get that coffee and take 5 minutes of your busy daily schedule and be inspired. 

Barcelona as you've probably not seen before

So the Great Wall od China, I've never wondered what happens at the end, and here it is. So this great wall was designed and built to protect the country from the marauding hordes of Mongolians, just as well that they couldn't swim.

How many among you remember these, no not the jerseys the big milk bottles and the little full cream.

Lovely image from our very own capital, it kind of looks like that painting of the New York Diner late at night.

Strange and interesting facts.Now this man was the 10th president of the United States, the 10th right, did you know that he still has 2 grandsons alive today The men, Lyon Gardiner Tyler Jr., born in 1924, and Harrison Ruffin Tyler, born in 1928, are the sons of Lyon Gardiner Tyler, one of President Tyler’s 15 children.
President Tyler was 63 when his son, Lyon Gardiner Tyler, was born, according to records obtained by And Lyon had his children even later; he was in his 70s when his sons were born. The boys’ mother, Sue Ruffin, was the second wife of Lyon Sr., who died in 1935. Isn't that amazing, oh well some may find it interesting, I know I did.

Been seeing a lot of this type of work lately, mixing the raw with refined and technology, I'm liking this work

Lovely apartment

I have no information on this image but it's pretty amazing

Natural history museum in Spain, this is how museums should look

Italy in the winter even looks inviting

This building featured in Grand Designs a few months back. It was a dis-used water tower in South London, beautiful adaptation of the building I thought

I'm really starting to get involved in the container type housing

This is actually a mobile caravan, I love it

This house is in Japan, and the designers did not want to disrupt the trees in any way, so they compartmentalised the functions of the home and scattered them between the trees to get what you see here. It's beautiful, clever and very very smart.

Small spaces can be surprisingly good, as is evident here

A real fan of Thunderbirds built his house to replicate in some way the house of the Traceys

And so did these people

Simple, and elegant

Burning man festival always manages to produce some stunning architecture.

very cool idea here

The transparent building

A floating house, lovely......

Clever use of space here

Love these bunk type rooms

And look how much space they don't use.

I'm loving the combination of a great client brief and a great design to meet that.

Hmmm how nice would this be for a few days

OK, OK that's it for this week. Hope you enjoyed something in here.

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