Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Hey there people, thanks for being so patient with me, I had a number of emails asking where is the blog, "I need it, I miss it". But as most of you are aware at the moment I am concentrating on me and my general well being. It all seems to be going well, and I'm heading in the right direction. It's a step forward then 1/2 a shuffle sideways. So enough of that, here today is a collection of images on interiors, spaces, places and things to inspire you all over again. So as per my usual message "be inspired, do stuff that you like and don't be afraid of what other people think or say". Enjoy and see you all soon, and thank you for all the messages, I do appreciate the king support that i have been getting.

What great street art, it's amazing that 15 odd years ago graffiti was a nasty word. 

Love the way the chair and the wall blend. That's planning, I love designers who do this sort of stuff.

Lovely offices
Could you relax under here?
I was in a house the other day that had a tim ceiling like this, it was amazing. Oh and quite cost effective. ( cheap)
Mmmmm I'd live here
Just as much as I would lunch here.

This is amazing

The people of Papua New Guinea where doing this years ago, nothing is new is it?

 I love shots like this.

Beautiful shot

 My kind of person owns this bike. My good friend Cathy would love this. Lunch this week Cathy?

Engineers eh?

Prefab Wellington does this

I think I've had this on here before, but it's so lovely, go check out the Helen Mirren movie 'The Golden Girl", it's amazing

How cool is this?

Yah what?

How nice is this.

Great street art

Well folks that me for the week, in fact that's me for a little while, I'm taking a breather and working on myself for a while, I will be back, but I have other things that are taking more of my time at the moment and are slightly more pressing. Please be patient, I love putting this together for you all and I love the feed back that I get from you all, it's fantastic and I've obviously struck a cord with you. So I hope to see you all very soon.