Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Good afternoon to you all. Well as the winter days are well and truly upon us, I sit here looking at the images for this weeks installment and I can see that I am drawn to far away places, and usually warmer ones at that. It's funny how the sub conscious mind works, but then I look closely at the images and they all have design and architectural elements in them, so there is still something going on. Some of the images are places that I have been too, and wondered at the architecture, some of the smaller bars and cafes I remember from my times in Europe, but some of them, well I just wonder "where are they and why haven't I been there yet?". Some are just great images of food, wine, you know that stuff that just satisfies the soul, and has no other reason that it is.So you may as well entertain the same thoughts too and take a minute to have a break from your work, look out the window and think of a place that you'd love to go here. Chances are it's in here somewhere, so enjoy.

Found some interesting images of bronzes from all over Europe, I think they are amazing and I really do get this kind of street art

 How handsome is this guy.

I wish we had coffee shops like this here.

If you recall i discussed the merits of lazer cut panels a few weeks back, this is what you can do.

Timber and concrete, my two favorite materials

I love this sort of facadism, it completely transforms a building. making it something that it's not.

How cool is this place.

I could make that noise that homer Simpson makes when he sees food here, what a great image, I can taste that cheese and I can feel that wine across my pallet, cleaning it all away.

This is an amazing image

Well that's all for this week. I'd like to thank those of you who have sent me messages of support, some of you know that I have not been that well, and that I am not currently at work. It's OK, I will survive or so the doctors and science tell me I just have to go through some stuff first. So thank you for your messages I do appreciate them an awful lot. And as usual the post will get through. Some weeks it may just be a day or two late that's all. Cheers and live everyday like there is no tomorrow. Wake up feeling this day is going to be the best day and no one nor anything is going to stop you thinking that or being that way. God that all sounds so twee, but it's true, you just need to realise it. I'm learning all the time. See you.

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