Monday, 8 June 2015

 The first week in June, where has the year gone? Here's this weeks images for you to enjoy. Bit of a mixed bag this week, but I've enjoyed myself putting the images in place for you. Some of them have no design content what so ever, but they are all beautiful and very very well crafted. Some stunning office designs, some even more beautiful buildings and the best places to travel to any where in the world. Enjoy. So come and take a peek through the keyhole.

 I really dig apartments like this, I'd be there in an instant.
 There's something about sitting in a window on a lazy Sunday morning. coffee and cigarette a view of Paris.

 This is a the view I was talking about.

 Looking something like a Constable painting

 I loved this townhouse, so simple.

 Sydney, they do do some lovely renovations there.
 A wonderful bach house.
 Now this is a monster, I'd get tired just walking from one end to the other.

This is why we have we can do doors like this and they don't fall over.
 Great restaurant views of the world

 I guess the people didn't know where they were going judging by the footprints

 What an image

 FLW's designs just work

 I love this room

 Even in back Alleys there's an image worthy of being taken, you just need to look properly

 There are at least 4 pinting in here of places I have been. How many for you?

 Containers......and this yard is below ground level

 What a great image.

 An apartment for two people and a dog. love it.

Those doors again.

I love this bus stop, concrete umbrellas, pretty clever.

And that folks is all I have this week. I hope you saw something that you likes, or an image that made you go back to have another look. Catch you next week. Shameless plug time, if your looking for some great design from a great team don't forget to give Planet Design a call. There you go, I've said it, go and use Planet Design, the best design team in the country.

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