Thursday, 30 July 2015

Apologies for the lateness of this latest post, but never mind better late than never eh? Here's this weeks design inspiration for you all. Please enjoy and please spread the word, I love getting your feed back ( it's always positive) and I hope to continue bringing to you the best ideas from our world for you to be inspired by. And remember if you can't do it by yourself give us a call at Planet Design we can help.

I've been looking an awful lot at container homes, and this one popped up, it's a cracker and it even had floor plans, Check it out.

Not too sure about the stairs, but the space looks great.

have you got a barren back yard and a steep bank, well here;s the answer simple and cheap.
This house featured on Grand designs a few weeks back, it is an amazing building, go check it on grand design site.

Found The Loast City of Alexandra, amazing statues found on the sea bed north of Egypt

Concrete and tile, simple job done thanks.

These next few images are from the inside of of a new RV tourer. I think these trucks are so clever and the level that they take the design to is simply staggering. have a look.

Don't know that the horse is necessary, but each to their own. I know I wouldn't have statues in my mobile home.

It's so easy to miss the little things in life

I do like a good sauna

 Dior is Seoul

 These would grate on me after a while, I know a bit cheesy, I can't help myself

And that folks is that, for the week. I will try and make the releases a little more regular now that I seem to be back on track with my health. So hope you enjoyed it all.