Monday, 20 July 2015

Hello and happy warm July to you all, NOT, hasn't it been bloody cold? I love the clean and crisp days with endless blue skies, but man alive isn't it cold in the evenings? So this week, there are quite a few summer type images for you to enjoy, perhaps you can even feel the warmth from your PC screen when you see them. Another great collection for you this week, fantastic buildings and spaces and some great ideas for you all to use or to be inspired by so, so no fanfare here, just get on and enjoy the images.

 I recall putting up an image where one person didn't quite believe that the boats could seem like they are floating in air, well here's another image showing this.
 Street art at its best.

 Love this mix of old and new, a perfect combination.

 The red Hut cafe burning down, sad but beautiful images



Ponsonby's latest addition to the restaurant set, very cool interior design

Very very cool old mixed with new

Hmmm i wouldn't know where to sit in this room, pretty out there that's for sure.
Love this kitchen to bits. In fact love the space to bits

 The interior of a plane.
 Must have let one of the children decorate it don't you think?

How smooth is this vehicles interior?
Minimalist apartment living

This house is amazing all polished colored concrete, just beautiful.

 A figure 8 Ferris wheel, no thanks that's not me.

 I had to laugh when I saw this image

 This is the international Koru lounge at Auckland airport

 It doesn't take much to do something a bit different or a bit special
 Boys love watching toys, who remembers the big hole in Grey Street for all those years except this one is much much bigger.

 Somewhere north of Auckland, how nice is this?
 Niagara has frozen over

 A beautiful shot

 This courtyard should be full of Italian motorcycles and big long tables covered in hams, cheeses, olives and of course bottles of wine, many bottles of wine. Did I mention wine, ?

 Clever the way the water splashes around their legs

 Yes I know, I know, I shouldn't be putting up images like this right now, but what the heck, enjoy the heat coming from your screen.
 Please i want one.

 What a great shot.

 St marks square looking rather empty????

Well that's about me done again for a week or two. I apologise for the seemingly erratic release of the blog, but as a lot of you know by now I am doing some fairly intensive stuff at the moment that is taking a fair amount of my time, and I can only get to it when I can. So apologies for that. Hey at least some are still getting through eh? Enjoy speak to you all very soon.

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