Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Hello and welcome back. I've been away for a couple of days in a failed attempt at having a break from what I am doing. It was a time to think and to reflect on the past few months. Wasn't too sure if I enjoyed myself, but the head space was a welcome relief. So anyways here I am back home now and working towards getting a clean bill of health, fingers crossed eh? I went into the office this morning and they are certainly very very busy, not only with work but also the long awaited refurbishment of the Planet Design offices has commenced and what a difference already. Anyway I digress, managed to squeeze a few hours in getting this weeks Planet Design Blog to you. So for your further design education please enjoy the images here, they are not all about design, but I think they are worthy of a moment of your time. Enjoy.

I can still smell this even after 25 years.

If this is Ruapehu, I am at a loose to think where this images was taken from. It looks like Ruapehu but then it doesn't?

A bit of fun. I like it when people think differently

Been there haha, I used to ride under it nearly everyday for three years.

 I loved this sculpture

A new Hotel in Greece.

 Now this is a GREAT photo, perfectly caught

 This guy designed this house to maximise the acoustics so that he could hear the birdsong from his neighborhood, how cool is this.

 What a great house. Never be afraid to use color.

 Check out these two doors

 Maximising space for the kids.

 Love this Hotel outdoor bar.
 The sculptural work at the Goodwood Speed Festival gets more outrageous every year.

 Even dogs can live in architecturally designed houses too.

 I've always had a thing for houses like this, I love the use of the raw steel product and the way it goes naturally.

 I'd love to sit here for a while, just long enough to read a small book by Tolstoy, or Tolken.

 Who remembers eh?
This kitchen is the product of a whole lot of design. Things like this don't just happen. I love the finishes the textures and the overall quality of the work here. Hire a designer please!!!!

 This may have been on here before, but it still blows me away that something can grow this big

 Ha ha I had to laugh at this.

More steel homes, loving it.

Well faithful followers, that's about that for this week, hope you saw something that made you think, or something that you went back to just to have another look, I know I do all the time. I thought that I would finish of with the image above, I cracked up when I saw it for the first time. Yes so that's all for this week, already working on the next one now too. Thoughts to you all.

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