Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Hi there, and welcome back. I've been doing a fair bit of research on container homes and am getting quite excited about the prospect of these fantastic homes. The designs are seemingly endless and I am constantly amazed by the design that goes into these tiny but beautiful spaces. See if you can spot all the container home images, I'll bet you wont get them all.
I got some great news this week and am now in a position to be able to plan again without the scepter of being ill hanging over my head, so that's a great feeling to have. 
Now this time last year I was getting quite excited about my travel plans to Europe and I noticed an awful lot of images of Italy appearing as if by magic in the blog. I don't know how that happened, it just did. That trip never happened, but now it is, and once again some stunning images are starting to appear again, I hope you don't mind.
So on that happy note here is this installment of the Planet Design Blog. I apologise for the delays in getting it out, but I have been concentrating on other things, I am sure you will understand. And I know that the success of a good blog is regular posts, I will try and get this back on track again. Promise

 I do love a great library, full of books and information, information is the basis of everything that we do.
 This is a container spa, pretty cool don't you think?

 Love this space.
 I look at this image and think what bloody right did they have?

 How cool is this fire?

 Dark, chocolaty, strong, yum yum this is here because I really liked the image.

 The glass bead beach in California, how nice is this?

 Before and afetr, a few centuries apart.
 I love glass objects ( no secret there), when I saw these I thought I just have to have some of them, so will be buying these when in Europe next year.

 How amazing are these?

 I do like a great entrance.

And that my friends is that. Hope you enjoyed the images posted for you. I have found myself going backwards and forwards through them time and time again and saving images to a massive file that I have saving and storing ideas, colors, finishes and textures. I love it all. Thank you for popping in, hope you too got some inspiration from here and can use that in your own design endeavors. If you find it all a little too much for you contact me, I can set you in the right direction. Cheers.