Saturday, 7 November 2015

Here's my latest design page for you all to enjoy. particular note on the fantastic homes made from containers ( more on that later). I'm always amazed by what people are doing with their homes and how well they are designed, and made. One day I hope to emulate something like this for myself. Some of them you wouldn't be able to tell that what they once were, but I am sure you'll get the picture. I think I like them so much because they are very nautical in style, by that i mean that they seem to be able to fit so many functions into such small spaces and they are beautifully crafted. Anyways enjoy this page, and don't forget to go back through the archives, there are plenty of beautiful places and spaces to enjoy when you give yourself a moment to take a moment.
And that my friends is the true philosophy of life. Take time to take the time.

First off the rank this week, this is a container home. No seriously it is.

Winter is leaving the top paddock so to speak, so here's one last image before you pull back the curtains again and revel in the summer on the way.

As is this.

I laughed and laughed when I saw this, a fantastic alarm on your door. Ha Ha

Big art always makes a place different


Great name for a coffee shop, I love this.

I'm going...........missed my trip last year due to 'the trouble' but it's all re-booked and I'm going again.

I do love a good library
A nice big mirror by the front door is a must, you have to look your best when you go out

Love this shot

A very lovely peaceful container home. Amazing what you can do eh?

 That's me, right there just to the left of the central spire.

 This was a sad image, it's the Arahura being beached to be pulled apart for scrap. I've spent many an hour sitting in my riding gear on this vessel as I've headed off to the South Island for a weeks ride. Very sad.

 Before and after, when you think something is long dead, a bit of imagination just may bring the patient back to life.
 I just love little bits of design like this.

 I do love a great entrance.

And that's about me this week. I will endeavor to try and get this out more regularly, as things come right with me. Hope you enjoyed your few minutes off? Isn't it amazing what people are doing and how they are living. And as usual if you are in need of some fantastic design work from a great bunch of people always remember Planet Design Consultants, they will see you right.

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