Sunday, 25 January 2015

 Well this weeks blog is kind of like a return to the roots of what it was all about. I  had kind of gotten into an interior commercial office and architecture space with the blog, and I was reminded of what this used to be like. So I stopped for a minute and had a think about things and I realised that indeed I had moved away from the 'stuff' that makes this world an exciting place to be in, because inspiration happens every where all the time, so I went back and spent some time just looking at the start of the blog, and this weeks blog is a result of that. So enjoy, and if you have any further comments please please let me know, I always like the feedback I get.

 Some people choose to live in the strangest houses

 I like this guy already

 Morocco where else, their council must be years behind on the consents

 The largest hole in the earth, this is a diamond mine, amazing really

A very cool coffee cat

 I really liked this last image, just because it's so well thought out, considered and accomplished.