Monday, 30 September 2013

Hi there, aren't the weeks rushing by, it seems that Christmas is just not that far away now, and daylight savings has happened, so summer is nearly upon us, like it went away. Amazing weather we have had, if this is Global warming then I'm all for it. So here's this weeks lot of images for you all to enjoy.

You never know whats under the surface of something

yes please, take me away.....

Love this image

Now I'm not really one for pantries, but this one was just great, so thought I'd show you this so you know how's it's supposed to be done. It's kind of sick.

Kiwis in Monaco

The design work that goes into just one door is amazing

Still can't figure this one out, is it a painting or a photo?

Looking something like the bowelsof an alien ship, but in fact it's looking up through a skyscraper apartment block.

I love the old interiors of cars just as much as I love the new.

Clever toilets at  the shipping container companies head office

Been there and done that, the Blue pools on Vanuatu

Everyone is talking about 'A', but it's been done before, pretty stylish it has to be said

Pretty cool chair and bookcase all wrapped up into one

Croatia......somewhere out there

That Ferrari watch again, got a spare $450K but you do get a battery powered drill to wind this one up with

Don't throw out your corks, build a stylish hot pot tablet for your kitchen

A shower with a fire, pretty cool or hot which ever way you think

I have a couple of coins in the bottom of this fountain, it means that I will go back apparently

I love big art

Single bed hotel in Tokyo

car interiors are wonderfully stylish places

I saw a woman's collection of thousands of perfume bottles a few weeks ago and started to appreciate the design that goes into the bottles and this honey jar turns up on my screen, isn't it fantastic?

Pretty funky restaurant

Loved this old and new sitting side by side it works so perfectly

I recall stripping out an office about 25 years ago that looked like this new office now!!! Funny how things go around, if only we could have had a massive store room I would have had thousands of very old cool Vitra, Zelig, Steelcase, Westinghouse, and Unifor furniture

Mobile pizza anyone, great truck

Now this is automotive art, I love it when engineering is just supposed to work and aesthetic is a secondary consideration, but when they get the two together, well perfection, form and function

These are the stairs leading up the leaning tower of Pisa, amazing that over the years they now resemble large blocks of fudge that are melting

Love these little office pods, perfect to be in the office, but away from it as well, nice little bolt holes from the maddening crowd

Who loves proper libraries?

Are we all just sheep?

Another way of giving people quiet spaces to work but still remain in the office

Now this is just plain outright style pornography, I am so jealous 

very cool furniture

A day spa by the looks of it, beautiful space 

I laughed when I saw this, no more popping up and down to see where you are at.

Now that's a view!!!!

There's a lot to be said for plaid, 

no there's not no there's not, sorry it's just no right.

A striking image, beautifully captured

Now i'm really starting to like laundries

Now how cool is this, this is what is actually happening to our little solar system, not quite like the static one we got shown at school where all the planets revolve around the sun on one plane, but we are actually travelling in a constant direction and all the planets ( us included), and spinning around as you see here.
This just amazes me. Watch it for a while.

Computer graphics pftttt I say, nothing like a beautiful hand colored drawing

This image is amazing and was only about 4-5% of whats sitting there in the desert

Who remembers these?

awe.......................................................sorry  just jealous 

I laughed at this................the very start and this happens, you just know your days going to be crap. But I hope yours is much better now for having viewed this weeks lot of images. Love your feedback and am still amazed by the people who I meet that have seen the site and are always so positive about it. Have a great week