Monday, 2 September 2013

Good morning to you all. Not too much to say this week which is quite unusual for me but there you go. Got my first dose of spring flu, and feeling a bit 'struck' by it all. So this weeks images are more a collection of images that I have found to be interesting, some a bit unusual , so enjoy. I do enjoy your feedback, and what some images have done for people who feel the need to be inspired. I had two people last week who told me that some of these images made them feel like they needed a holiday, and a couple more who said that they found some of these images very useful in decorating their own homes, and had found some of the color schemes, and details very useful for putting a design together. That pleases me no end. That's what this is for.

Beautiful space

No seriously this is a real building!!!!

Long afternoons, cheese, Chianti, warmed olives, lots of little kids running around, love this space

Art always adds to your space

I looked at this image and I thought to myself, why do you need to get out of the side of the bed, this way saves space and eveynight you would feel like your going camping or your in a caravan, I think this is great.


very very cool

What a clever little room this is, two beds space storage and good looks all thrown into one

John Britten,  met him a number of times and had some very entertaining times, an amazing person and a big lose to the world of motorcycling. Mike Brosnan with him, he was a driving force behind the bike as well, but never ever got mentioned, it was as much his as it was Johns.

Amazing image

This is brutal and beautiful all at the same time, to me it sits there with menace just waiting to be let loose

Lucky little fellow

Spitfires make a sound very much like ripping silk......

We've all seen images of this lighthouse and the size of the seas, but this one made me stop, amazing

I included this image for no other reason apart from the fact that it is beautifully taken and beautifully caught, the colors are exactly right for the subject.


This is my current screen saver love this image

That's all folks, I'm a bit tired today.

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