Friday, 13 September 2013

I am often accused of being a bit one eyed when it comes to design, I know what is inherently good and what is bad, so I saw these glasses and thought "well that's me really", so enjoy this weeks images and marvel at design and builds that are just beautifully done.

Florence.... what a city, I still recall the very very short time I spent wandering this city as if it was yesterday.

Loved this idea, outside the box and very clever

Not too sure if I like this but it's obviously been done for the drama of it all

great piece of furniture, not to sure where you'd use it but it is a bit of fun.

There's a lot to be said for plain old Formica and brushed steel edging

This image popped up and I thought I would include it, it's the shadow of a person permanently burnt into the steps when 'that' bomb was dropped, amazing

Looking very like some mussels growing on a rock pool wall

This is from a book called the 'racers Edge' chronicling the motorcycle racers in Macau, and these boys are most definately on the edge

Of all the design I see, I still see no more beauty than an early 70's Ducati, what I would give to own something as stunning as this.

An inner city garden of Eden, very very beautiful

This is a photo shopped image. The small black boat in the front is in fact the Titanic! Gives you an idea of how big we are building boats today

These two images are of Gordon Ramsey and David Beckham's new restaurant in London, the blue on the seating is perfect

Caravan living is not what you or I remember it to be, pretty funky nowadays 

Looking like Dinky toys all lined up.

Love the use of the images and how they match so well

Great multi use park bench. I have to ask why aren't our furniture manufacturers and designers doing this sort of stuff here?

Great art.......

I laughed when I saw this and thought "good job, go the cat".

Another love of mine, and none better than this image which captures it perfectly

Normally i would not include an image of a laundry, but this one was so well arranged that it had to be included. Who said laundries cant be nice, this one is.

I've decided to build two of these in my new apartment, exactly the same, I think this is fantastic

An Auckland home that I found, these three images really do show good quality design and good quality craftsmanship

A view that we don't normally get to see.

Just to put us in perspective

This floor is actually flat.....

Another good shot of perspective, these guys are monsters!!!!!!

This is believe it or not an oil painting

Not a fan of green, but when it works, it really works

Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, better known as Le Corbusier did this

A very futuristic office

This rates very highly on my design scale, so sharp, clean, simple and elegant

For my motorcycling followers out there, I love this

Well thats it, the sun sets on another installment of the Blog, hope you all enjoyed it, it seems that last weeks one was very popular

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