Monday, 23 September 2013

Well it certainly has been a week of hi drama off of the shores of San Francisco, that's for sure. Not too sure if the heart can take too much more of this, so this week these's a few images of a nautical flavor that represent to me at least what it means to be on the water. 

Lets start right here for example

But lets not forget the other side of extreme coolness on the water

So go grab a coffee and enjoy this weeks blog, I have to go now the race is about to start, C'mon the Kiwis.

Just so brutal 175 mph 32 degree lean and over 5 G force......

Wow amazing art......

These are all concept cars by Alfa Romeo pretty cool

Really liked the use of the images on the wall, great looking

Google offices

Google again, pretty out there but also a lot of fun

I think a young designer from NZ did this.

Now that is perfect paint.................pretty perfect shape too

I went into an apartment building in Thailand just like this, amazing, guess it's relatively easy to achieve when you don't have earthquakes

Lovely offices 

Liked this little nook in the corner of the meeting room, great for having those little meetings or chance encounters with colleagues in the hall.

One mans obsession with whiskey over 5000 different sorts in his private collection

Really liked the color in this space

And the color of this car

Google again.......

Modern offices the way they should look, not like the guidelines set out by our center of excellence here in Wellington.

I'd like to work here

And here too for that matter

This backyard is screaming for a gin and tonic

Another oil painting

For years now I've hated these things, but somehow in my mind they have become very cool

Oh yes check the stitching.....

Beautiful craftsmanship


Check out the concentration

This is the very first time I have seen this completed, when we were there it was total scaffolding, and I might add that the tilers of the Sistine Chapel The Lambini Bothers never got another job, no one ever admired or saw their work

I recall waking up on more than a few mornings in places like this, where the condensation is thick on the windows, its freezing cold, you realise that you had too much to drink the night before and you promise to yourself 'never again', roll out of bed, open the hatch and there in front of you is the most stunning still morning.

Great image, the clarity is amazing

Day and night over Europe

Now I did mention 70's Ducati's the other day, but I just bought one of these, I think I'm in love all over again.

OK that's all for this week time to sail off, have a great week everyone.

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